Beauty Beyond Scars | Lean

Hello Folks. I am back with another installment of Beauty Beyond Scars! It's a project I've kept dear to my heart, although I haven't gain too much traction in the past year. I definitely like to hear from people and their stories, so I'll keep going.

I met with my buddy Lean in the recent weeks. We've been crossing paths as of late. We were friends back in college, way back, but didn't really have enough sit downs and conversations until recently. That's because Lean is always traveling, and so am I. We don't live in the same city, but the stars aligned. I learned about Lean's recent experiences. Tie that to Lean's sense of self awareness and fashion, I had to do a photoshoot. It is a form of healing for the both of us; in front of and behind the lens. Lean is beautiful inside and out.

" It’s been a month since my world has been shook. The PTSD creeps up when I’m driving. When I’m working. When I’m at weddings. When I hold my baby nephew. I’m not really sure when I will fully heal, when I’ll stop waking up in tears, but I do know that slowly, steadily, I’ll get free."

"Heartbreak from cheating and betrayal has been toxic to my soul. The pain is isolating. And somehow, the pain is also resonating. So many women and femmes have reached out with their heartbreaks - of when they forgave them self - of when they walked out - of when they stayed and built sand castles of men that were gravel. Even in pain and growth, we blossom."

"I have been finding myself at boba shops. In my friend’s hands. On their shoulders. In shared smoke sessions. I am slowly putting a puzzle back. It’s only been possible with the rose waters of loved ones. When asked will I ever be friends with those that betrayed me. I respond: why would I dilute my mana?"

- Lean